Books about Bronze Age Greece

Honorable mentions

The Find of a Lifetime: Sir Arthur Evans and the Discovery of Knossos

Author: Sylvia Horowitz

This book is a biography of Sir Arthur Evans, the discoverer, and then restorer of Knossos. Over several decades, Evans pulled the Minoan civilization out from the dirt of Crete. In the process, he captured the attention of the world.

I’ve long been fascinated by Minoan Crete, and this book delivered an easy-to-read account of the trials, tribulations, and successes of Evans’ work.

Evans’ the person is also on full display throughout the work. He was passionate and brilliant and occasionally stubborn and reserved. He gave each community he touched, whether in Crete or Ragusa or back at his home in Youlbury, to remember him fondly. He gave tremendously of himself, dedicating his life to archaeology but managing many other noteworthy things along the way, like founding the Boy Scouts.

If you’re heading to Crete, this is a great book to take along. This is an easy to read, popular account and not boring academic history.

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