Central Athens South

The Acropolis dominates the southern portion of Athens. The areas around the Acropolis – the Plaka and Monastiraki are the oldest inhabited areas of the city and are chock-full of museums and Byzantine churches. Monastiraki resembles a Middle Eastern bazaar with food vendors, performers, and a flea market contributing to an atmosphere that most tourists find delightful. Southeast of Syntagmatos Square is the National Gardens, a majestic tree-filled park that serves as an oasis from the nearby hustle and bustle.

Mouse Island, Corfu

Pnyx Hill
Filoppapos Hill
The Plaka
Hill of the Nymphs
Panagia Gorgoepikoos
Museum of Greek Popular Musical Instruments
University of Athens Museum
Lysicrates Square
Agios Nikolaos Ragavas
Kanellopoulos Museum
Greek Folk Art Museum
Jewish Museum of Greece
Temple of Olympian Zeus
Russian Church of the Holy Trinity
Syntagma Square
National Gardens
Panathenaic Stadium
First Cemetery of Athens

Kerameikos and the Oberlander Museum
Sanctuary of Asklepios
Theater of Herodes Atticus
Theater of Dionysus
The Ancient Agora
The Acropolis
Kyriazopolous Cermaic Folk Museum
Municipal Art Gallery
Tower of the Winds
Flea Market


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