Greece: a lifetime of reading

Hamilton, Edith. The Greek Way.
Why? David Brooks, “”Hamilton is at her best describing the tragic sensibility, the strange mixture of doom and exaltation that marks Greek drama. It was based on the conviction that good grows out of bad, virtue out of hardship, and that wisdom is born in suffering.”

Moss, W. Stanley. Ill Met by Moonlight.
Why? A Nazi general is kidnapped in Crete in this true story. Moss led the team.

Runciman, Steven. Mistra: Byzantine Capital of the Peloponnese
Why? A leading Byzantine scholar unlocks awe inspiring Mistra

Woodhouse, C.M. George Gemistos Plethon: The Last of the Hellenes.
Why? Plethon was a heavy weight in bringing Greek ideas into the Italian Renaissance.

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