The National Archaeological Museum

Mouse Island, Corfu

The National Archaeological Museum, sometimes known simply as the National Museum, first opened in 1891. It is, without a doubt, one of the world’s finest museums.

Major works here include:

The Mask of Agamemnon. Unearthed at Mycenae by the German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann, this gold death mask was originally thought to have belonged to the legendar king, Agamemnon. c. 1500 BC

Youth of Antikythira. This excellent Hellenistic bronze statue was part of the Antikythira shipwreck hoard. The state is over 7ft tall.

Thira Frescoes. These wall painting were found on the island we know call Santorini. They are remarkable because of their varied depictions of man and nature.

There is simply an amazing amount of world class art to see here. Whether you want to see the development of Greek sculpture through a succession of works from the Geometric and Archaic periods down through Classical, Hellenistic and Roman times – this museum has it. Some personal favorites include the various depictions of Athena and the numerous funeral stele.


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